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Top new questions this week:

When I build with script is -i: invalid option

I have cloned recursively repositories. Next I go cd ~/eosio/eos and try ./scripts/ Is error: ./scripts/ line 126: set: -i: invalid option Line 126: ( [[ ! $NAME == &...

asked by Andrzej 1 vote
answered by Phillip Hamnett - EOS42 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can you add or change the keys for the owner of an account?

How can I change the owner of an account? Can an account have more than one owner? I see that active and owner are groups so theoretically there can be multiple keys in either group. But how can I ...

cleos permissions keys  
asked by Ovi 4 votes
answered by Vlad 6 votes

How to sign raw transaction with eosjs?

Lets say I have a transaction like below: var tx = { transaction_id: '111ee28e5deca69e54dadf751eba8fae181f0ceafc601dcab92700f5200abef8', broadcast: false, transaction: { ...

asked by cookiekid 11 votes
answered by nsjames 8 votes

Is "Smart Contract" supported by EOS ? Which Language?

What is the equivalent platform of Ethereum Smart Contract in EOS ? And by which programming languages we can develop a smart contract? Is there a specific language like Solidity in Ethereum? And is ...

asked by Questioner 2 votes
answered by TeeAttack42 6 votes

Setup full eos node

Is there any way to setup eos node as full node for using it like some tracker (I mean for getting balance or transaction history by public address without importing private keys)?

nodeos rpc explorer  
asked by ItsMyLife 1 vote
answered by Leo Ribeiro 1 vote

How to unstake system token?

I'm trying EOSIO boot-up sequence using EOSIO wiki page. I succeeded setting contracts, creating accounts and producers, and producing blocks from some other nodeoses. But I can't find any method ...

asked by Jason 2 votes
answered by Nat 2 votes

Rename account? Can an account name be changed?

Is it possible to rename an account (the 12 character name)? And if so, what is the CLEOS command to do it? Thanks!

asked by Ira Herman 3 votes
answered by Vlad 4 votes

Are Tables/DBs stored in RAM and held by multiple block producers?

We do have the Persistence API to store data for a smart contract in the EOSIO database. I was wondering where this database is located. I understood that it is patterned after Boost Multi-Index. 1) ...

multi-index database persistence-api  
asked by TeeAttack42 14 votes
answered by Ami Heines 10 votes
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