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Are Tables/DBs stored in RAM and held by multiple block producers?

We do have the Persistence API to store data for a smart contract in the EOSIO database. I was wondering where this database is located. I understood that it is patterned after Boost Multi-Index. 1) ...

multi-index database persistence-api  
asked by TeeAttack42 14 votes
answered by Ami Heines 10 votes

EOSJS tutorials

I have checked Where can I find complete (whole stack) EOS dApp development example projects? With smart-contracts, the necessary C++ coding and a browser interface? But I haven't found a full EOSJS ...

development javascript eosjs  
asked by wandos 7 votes
answered by Leo Ribeiro 6 votes

is it possible to create an account using Cleos?

I've bought EOS on exchange recently and may not has an account on mainnet. So I really want to create an account prior before mainnet gets ready. I understand that if we install full note and ...

cleos accounts mainnet keosd  
asked by 2 votes

What programming languages will be supported by EOS?

I understand that EOS supports C++ at launch and can support any language that compiles into WebAssembly (WASM) Here is a list of languages that compile to or are compatible with WebAssembly. I am ...

asked by jaggedsoft 20 votes
answered by Jordi Goyanes 9 votes

Get table rows HTTP API in JSON

When I try to get table using curl --request POST \ --url

cleos table  
asked by Ostap Horbach 3 votes
answered by Gopalakrishnan Nadar 6 votes

How to deploy a contract to testnet?

I have been testing and a lot of the docs refer to deploying to a local node only. How we can deploy a contract to the jungle testnet?

asked by Trevor Oakley 6 votes
answered by Miguel Mota 3 votes

How to get current time in different versions of EOSIO

Depending on which version of EOSIO you use, there are different options available for finding the current time. What are they?

smart-contract eosio.cdt eosiocpp eosio-cpp  
asked by Phillip Hamnett - EOS42 4 votes
answered by Phillip Hamnett - EOS42 9 votes
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