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Top new questions this week:

EOSIO Error: 3040006 from api

from this afternoon we receive the error in question from the api, without having changed anything after several months of use. Anyone have an idea why?

transactions eosjs api error apiendpoint  
asked by Marco 1 vote
answered by cmadh 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

is it possible to create an account using Cleos?

I've bought EOS on exchange recently and may not has an account on mainnet. So I really want to create an account prior before mainnet gets ready. I understand that if we install full note and ...

cleos accounts mainnet keosd  
asked by 3 votes
answered by spartucus 2 votes

How to change active key for an account?

My active and owner keys are the same. I want to change active key to be different from owner, for safety. What command should I use?

accounts permissions keys  
asked by bitcoinerS 6 votes
answered by bitcoinerS 9 votes

Which NodeJs UI Framework is most suitable for EOSJS

I'd like to know which Framework you should use in eosjs. I have little experience with JavaScript and so I don't know which Framework works best together with eosjs or does the framework even matter? ...

development javascript eosjs  
asked by Mangooxx 8 votes
answered by TeeAttack42 9 votes

How to get all the actions of one account?

I know there are some related questions in the stackExchange, however, not my wanted answer. In eosnetworkmonitor, we can get all the actions of all accounts, how can they do that? There's another ...

nodeos plugin  
asked by Jimmy Guo 1 vote
answered by Leo Ribeiro 4 votes

Could not find a package configuration file provided by "LLVM

When building using the autobuild script, I encountered the following error: CMake Error at libraries/wasm-jit/Source/Runtime/CMakeLists.txt:26 (find_package): Could not find a package ...

asked by Kevin Lee 4 votes
answered by Lonkly 1 vote

Where is folder eosio-wallet located for Elementary OS?

I am going through the tutorials now It says that there is a folder The file for this wallet is named ...

asked by Lim Guang Jian 1 vote
answered by Phillip Hamnett - EOS42 1 vote

How do I fix the error "include errors detected. Please update your includePath"

Im following along with the getting started guide and I got up to the first contract section in 2.1, I made the hello directory and cd into it, I touched hello.cpp and then opened it in VS Code, once ...

asked by Bill 2 votes
answered by Alexander Molina 2 votes
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