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How to sign raw transaction with eosjs?

Lets say I have a transaction like below: var tx = { transaction_id: '111ee28e5deca69e54dadf751eba8fae181f0ceafc601dcab92700f5200abef8', broadcast: false, transaction: { ...

asked by cookiekid 11 votes
answered by nsjames 8 votes

Where can I find a list of the current 21 Block Producers?

Where online can I find a list of the current 21 Block Producers? And the 100 additional standby producers?

asked by User 5 votes
answered by user1627 3 votes

How to start learning EOS with python?

As a programmer with a python background, how do I get started with EOS? Are there any EOS resources for python developers?

asked by hunter Chen 2 votes
answered by John Williamson 1 vote

Which NodeJs UI Framework is most suitable for EOSJS

I'd like to know which Framework you should use in eosjs. I have little experience with JavaScript and so I don't know which Framework works best together with eosjs or does the framework even matter? ...

development javascript eosjs  
asked by Mangooxx 7 votes
answered by TeeAttack42 9 votes

What programming languages will be supported by EOS?

I understand that EOS supports C++ at launch and can support any language that compiles into WebAssembly (WASM) Here is a list of languages that compile to or are compatible with WebAssembly. I am ...

asked by jaggedsoft 19 votes
answered by Jordi Goyanes 9 votes

How to change active key for an account?

My active and owner keys are the same. I want to change active key to be different from owner, for safety. What command should I use?

accounts permissions keys  
asked by bitcoinerS 6 votes
answered by bitcoinerS 9 votes

Why the first time I execute an action I get "Error 3080006: transaction took too long"?

WHAT I WANT Call an action and see it succeed at the first execution. WHAT IS NOT WORKING The function, which I am executing, the first time fails with error: Error 3080006: Transaction took too long ...

smart-contract cleos transactions action execution-time  
asked by Riccardo Persiani 6 votes
answered by twksos 4 votes

Can you answer this question?

is there a service that creates EOS or TRX div tokens?

is there a service that creates EOS or TRX div tokens? Or can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you

asked by Jarred Mann 1 vote
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