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How to do something when your contract is an action notification recipient (like when it receives funds)?

The EOSIO_ABI macro seems to only forward actions meant for our contract. How do you also listen to all other contract actions (like the very common transfer action for the account "eosio.token")? I ...

action transfer  
user avatar asked by PunchPlump Score of 11
user avatar answered by ofo Score of 8

Is there event emitting function in smart contract?

I am porting Ethereum smart contract in Solidity to EOS platform, but I meet a problem: how to send some events to Dapp so as to update the UI? Now I have to poll the table the smart contract saved ...

smart-contract event  
user avatar asked by ofo Score of 6
user avatar answered by Miguel Mota Score of 1

What is the most reliable endpoint for `/v1/history/get_actions/`

I want to get info about my account's actions So I am using the endpoint also add the params required. But my question here is some time it takes ...

api history  
user avatar asked by Nirdesh Kumar Choudhary Score of 4
user avatar answered by Ami Heines Score of 3

How to set "deep structures" for Smart Contracts Tables?

I have a table that I'm playing with that I want to have a map that links the id with a specific structure. I tried to use map and the code compiles fine, but when generating the abi file it takes ...

smart-contract multi-index table  
user avatar asked by Leo Ribeiro Score of 4
user avatar answered by John Haager Score of 1

How long is the reset period of the cpu bandwith?

I can not find reliable information regarding the CPU bandwidth reset period. It is important for dApp developers because it affects costs for resources. I heard some say it is 24 hours, others say ...

bandwidth cpu  
user avatar asked by 신명진 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Nat Score of 0

List of available datatypes for action parameter

I am wondering where I can find a list of supported datatypes that can be used in an actions parameters. Edit: Should have specified this better. I am writing some actions such as: /// @abi action ...

user avatar asked by eclipse Score of 6
user avatar answered by confused00 Score of 5

EOSjs getTableRows lower and upper bound on account name

How can I pass an account name as the lower and upper bound in the getTableRows method? I've looked at types.hpp and saw the string_to_name method, is there a similar method in EOSjs?

table account-name eosjs  
user avatar asked by mbsff Score of 3
user avatar answered by Tyler J Kuhn Score of 6
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