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Clearing RAM tables of eosio.token contract

What I am trying to do is clear the RAM table completely. This question is not a duplicate since it is asking for a full and a working solution. The contract that I was executing filling the RAM ...

smart-contract ram ram-allocation eosio.token  
asked by Damir Olejar 5 votes
answered by Andres Berrios 6 votes

What are the minimum hardware specifications required to run an EOS blockchain?

What are the minimum hardware requirements to run an EOS blockchain in terms of CPU power, RAM, etc?

block-producer node hardware  
asked by Don P 9 votes
answered by bytemaster 7 votes

What is the purpose of `require_recipient`?

I saw the description of the function require_recipient and it says: Add the specified account to set of accounts to be notified I would like to understand what's the purpose of receive this ...

smart-contract transactions action  
asked by Leo Ribeiro 11 votes
answered by Todd Fleming 11 votes

When to use RocksDB compared to Chainbase?

The EOSIO developers website says: Nodeos stores the transaction history and a current state. The transaction history is stored in the blocks.log file on disk. State, which is changed by the ...

nodeos ram storage chainbase  
asked by Phillip Hamnett - EOS42 6 votes
answered by Sergey Metelin 3 votes

How to deploy a contract to testnet?

I have been testing and a lot of the docs refer to deploying to a local node only. How we can deploy a contract to the jungle testnet?

asked by Trevor Oakley 6 votes
answered by Miguel Mota 3 votes

How to set "deep structures" for Smart Contracts Tables?

I have a table that I'm playing with that I want to have a map that links the id with a specific structure. I tried to use map and the code compiles fine, but when generating the abi file it takes ...

smart-contract multi-index table  
asked by Leo Ribeiro 4 votes
answered by John Haager 1 vote

Which IDE can I use for EOS C++ source code?

What I need is an IDE as advanced as Eclipse, that would tell me if certain imports are missing, variables not declared, compile errors, and so on... I am using Linux so Visual Studio won't work for ...

asked by Damir Olejar 3 votes
answered by Leo Ribeiro 6 votes
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