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How to make a transfer from nodejs (using EOS)?

I have code working with Ethereum using nodejs and a send transaction. Is there an equivalent using eos? The basic task under ethereum is that A pays B with the server.js file making the transfer and ...

asked by Trevor Lee Oakley 1 vote
answered by Nat 2 votes

What is the difference between EOS and Telos

Looks like there a new foundation that has started a new blockchain using EOS codebase. Telos: What are difference between / EOS chain and Telos, in the view ...

asked by Mikko Ohtamaa 5 votes
answered by Suvi Rinkinen 5 votes

How long is the reset period of the cpu bandwith?

I can not find reliable information regarding the CPU bandwidth reset period. It is important for dApp developers because it affects costs for resources. I heard some say it is 24 hours, others say ...

bandwidth cpu  
asked by 신명진 4 votes
answered by Nat 0 votes

Require at least one auth from a set of auths

require_auth() asserts that a particular auth is present. How to write a contract that proceeds if and only if at least one of a set of auths is present?

smart-contract authorization  
asked by kkurian 5 votes
answered by kkurian 5 votes

What are the minimum hardware specifications required to run an EOS blockchain?

What are the minimum hardware requirements to run an EOS blockchain in terms of CPU power, RAM, etc?

block-producer node hardware  
asked by Don P 9 votes
answered by bytemaster 7 votes

How to sign raw transaction with eosjs?

Lets say I have a transaction like below: var tx = { transaction_id: '111ee28e5deca69e54dadf751eba8fae181f0ceafc601dcab92700f5200abef8', broadcast: false, transaction: { ...

asked by cookiekid 11 votes
answered by nsjames 8 votes

How to set "deep structures" for Smart Contracts Tables?

I have a table that I'm playing with that I want to have a map that links the id with a specific structure. I tried to use map and the code compiles fine, but when generating the abi file it takes ...

smart-contract multi-index table  
asked by Leo Ribeiro 4 votes
answered by John Haager 1 vote
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