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How will someone new to EOS create an EOS account today

Creating EOS account requires staking EOS for CPU/RAM/NET. How will someone who just heard about EOS on the street create a new account without having EOS on the mainnet? They may have EOS on the ...

asked by Kabir 11 votes
answered by EOS INSIDER 8 votes

How to update contract that has already been published to nodeos?

I published a contract to my localnet using: cleos set contract myaccount mycontractfolder -p myaccount Then I made some updates to the code, and want to publish them, I type the same command ...

smart-contract cleos  
asked by Phillip Hamnett - EOS42 3 votes

Get table rows HTTP API in JSON

When I try to get table using curl --request POST \ --url ...

cleos table  
asked by Ostap Horbach 2 votes
answered by Gopalakrishnan Nadar 4 votes

How can I create a deferred transaction?

Are there any examples online for where I can see some examples of deferred transactions being created?

asked by Olivier Gabison 12 votes
answered by Leo Ribeiro 16 votes

Reading table rows with EOSJS

Is there a way to receive the return output of an action with EOSJS? Say for example I have an action that reads columns from a table, sums a row and returns the result. How would I structure the ...

action table javascript return eosjs  
asked by Mitch Pierias 3 votes
answered by user1114775 7 votes

How does the EOS account system work together with smart contracts?

It's my first step into eos and Trying to get some ideas. I really do hope you can help me. Question 1) As we all know, we can transfer some coins from one to another account by using account_names. ...

cleos nodeos blockchains eosio.token  
asked by Giorgi Lagidze 3 votes
answered by TeeAttack42 3 votes

Require inline action be sent by contract, and not account

I have contractB trigger an inline action: /// @abi action void send() { action( permission_level{ _self, N(active) }, N(contractA), N(get), std::make_tuple( _self ) ...

smart-contract eosio-code inline-action  
asked by Tyrick 4 votes
answered by Andres Berrios 14 votes
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