How do we accomplish this on EOSIO?

In Ethereum we get the reference of another contract using the contract address, what about for EOSIO?

Can anyone provide a sample code for this?

Would like to pull the balance from another smart contract.

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Declare the following struct in your contract

struct account {
        asset    balance;
        uint64_t primary_key()const { return balance.symbol.name(); }

typedef eosio::multi_index<N(accounts), account> accounts;

Write the following in one of the action of contract. It is reading the accounts table of eosio.token contract and printing the balance of "user111"

symbol_type symbol(S(4,SYS));
accounts fromAcc(N(eosio.token),N(user111));
const auto& myAcc = fromAcc.get(symbol.name());
  • thanks for the information, I also assume that the contract file of eosio.token.hpp should be included in the contract where I'm calling it right?
    – Dominic
    Jul 10, 2018 at 0:41
  • You can use it without including eosio.token.hpp, In that case you have to copy "struct account" and its multi_index table type as shown in the above answer to your contract file Jul 10, 2018 at 11:04
  • So if you #include <eosiolib/eosio.token.hpp> you can just use that last section of your post, without struct account... and typedef eosio::multi_index...? Cheers, good answer
    – Alex
    Jul 22, 2018 at 17:38
  • When I try this, I get the error: unable to find key Aug 26, 2018 at 18:53

By querying eosio.token's accounts table.

./cleos/cleos -u http://api.eosnewyork.io:80 get table eosio.token <account-name> accounts

BTW, this returns [] if the account is never transferred any token (like EOS).

Use userres table to get account info.

./cleos/cleos -u http://api.eosnewyork.io:80 get table eosio <account-name> userres

  • Yeah, but how do we translate it or write it inside of another smart contract? Any idea?
    – Dominic
    Jul 9, 2018 at 5:14
  • @Dominic I don't know how to access table data of other contracts from one contract. But a workaround could be moving this logic from contract to app. In other word, contract logic only does simple work.
    – eval
    Jul 9, 2018 at 19:47
  • Unfortunately, the logic requires to get the balance directly from another contract.
    – Dominic
    Jul 10, 2018 at 0:43

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