I built EOS successfully. Then the following document here says config.ini file location for linux is~/.local/share/eosio/nodeos/config . But I don't have eosio folder under the ~/.local/share.

So if I create eosio/nodeos/config folder and config.ini file manually then execute nodeos --config-dir ~/.local/share/eosio/nodeos/config/config.ini am I doing wrong ? If yes, where is my default config.ini file ?


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So i found the location of config.ini file. Here is location: /root/.local/share/eosio/nodeos/config/config.ini


They added this recently. Nodeos no longer generates a blank config.ini by default:

nodeos --print-default-config                Print default configuration template
  • It's print inside the file(config.ini) but i need the file location. Cuz I don't want to configure in command line. And I also want to know is there any wrong something or problem
    – fuat
    Jul 11, 2018 at 13:06
  1. run nodeos first
  2. then you can find on config.ini file

    [root@iz2zegkkxys4vbpudfrjvzz src]# nodeos -d /data/eos --config-dir /etc/eosio/nodeos/config

info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.046 thread-0 chain_plugin.cpp:333
plugin_initialize ] initializing chain plugin warn 2018-12-19T06:54:33.046 thread-0 chain_plugin.cpp:605
plugin_initialize ] Starting up fresh blockchain with default genesis state. info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.076 thread-0 http_plugin.cpp:422 plugin_initialize ] configured http to listen on info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.076 thread-0 net_plugin.cpp:2901 plugin_initialize ] Initialize net plugin info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.076 thread-0 net_plugin.cpp:2927
plugin_initialize ] host: port: 9876 info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.077 thread-0 net_plugin.cpp:2998
plugin_initialize ] my node_id is 710a9cb539f5f822a0efc2abb08c5a3ce9651ae6c5267aea7b5bb0bfbe53b3e3 info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.077 thread-0 main.cpp:110 main
] nodeos version v1.4.4 info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.077 thread-0 main.cpp:111 main ] eosio root is /root/.local/share info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.077 thread-0 main.cpp:112 main ] nodeos using configuration file /etc/eosio/nodeos/config/config.ini info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.077 thread-0 main.cpp:113 main
] nodeos data directory is /data/eos error 2018-12-19T06:54:33.077 thread-0 controller.cpp:1596 startup ] No head block in fork db, perhaps we need to replay warn 2018-12-19T06:54:33.077 thread-0 controller.cpp:574
initialize_fork_db ] Initializing new blockchain with genesis state info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.116 thread-0 chain_plugin.cpp:707
plugin_startup ] starting chain in read/write mode info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.116 thread-0 chain_plugin.cpp:711
plugin_startup ] Blockchain started; head block is #1, genesis timestamp is 2018-06-01T12:00:00.000 info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.116 thread-0 http_plugin.cpp:486 plugin_startup ] start listening for http requests info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.116 thread-0 net_plugin.cpp:3017 plugin_startup ] starting listener, max clients is 25 info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.116 thread-0 producer_plugin.cpp:714 plugin_startup ] producer plugin: plugin_startup() begin info 2018-12-19T06:54:33.116 thread-0 producer_plugin.cpp:748 plugin_startup ] producer plugin: plugin_startup() end

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    Please don't use screenshots for console output. Just copy paste the text and use markdown to highlight it.
    – tmm
    Dec 19, 2018 at 7:37

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