Which version of C++ can I use to implement smart contracts?

For example: C++11, C++14 or C++17? Do we have any constant or doc where it is defined?

Also, in my understanding the code is sandboxed, where can I find the restrictions?

Is the version defined in https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/blob/4f293115f34112e843885befc4a69fce1e137aa2/CMakeLists.txt#L17 ?

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Updated answer: Currently EOS smart contracts are written in C++17. For more details see the official SDK, CDT (Contract Development Toolkit) which is based on clang 7.


eosiocpp currently compiles contracts using c++14. cib compiles contracts using the c++17 language, but c++14 library.

sandboxing: contracts are compiled to WASM. Normal OS functions (filesystem, threading, etc.) are not available.

Note: cib requires an up-to-date Firefox (fastest) or Chrome (slow loading).


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