I want to know the current price of the CET token via cleos. I can get the supply details using cleos:

$ cleos get currency stats eosiochaince CET
  "CET": {
    "supply": "900100052.0000 CET",
    "max_supply": "2000000000.0000 CET",
    "issuer": "eosiochaince"

How do I get the current price for the CES/EOS pair? Is that even possible?

  • Who defines the price of the tokens? Which market is the reference you want to use?
    – friedger
    Jul 15 '18 at 8:58

You'd need oracles to fetch the exchange rate of CET for an off-chain exchange, so you may be better off querrying Chaince. I don't think they're exposing a public API at the moment, but the price is communicated through websockets.

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