I'm curious about the documentation referring to block producers. However none of the documentation concretely describes how to vote or how to become a block producer. It may be explained in the code, but I find that really hard to understand.

  • you just need to call the system contract to register yourself as producer
    – Jimmy Guo
    Jul 20, 2018 at 4:39

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From the docs, to register yourself you can use $ cleos system regproducer:

$ cleos system regproducer

Positional Arguments

account TEXT - The account to register as a producer
producer_key TEXT - The producer's public key
url TEXT - URL where info about producer can be found
location UINT - Relative location for purpose of nearest neighbor scheduling

 $ cleos system regproducer accountname1 EOS1234534... http://producer.site Antarctica

Similarly, to vote producers, the docs mention $ cleos system voteproducer

$ cleos system voteproducer prods someproducr1 someproducr2 someproducr3 someproducr4

There's no on-chain mechanism to persuade others to vote for you as far as I know*, so promotion needs to be done off-chain.

* I guess you could airdrop and send custom memos to encourage recipients to vote for you or something

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