I couldn't find any information on how to automatically include the ricardian clauses in the abi. I always get the error:

abi_generator.hpp:68 ricardian_contracts ] Warning, no ricardian clauses found for

I found out that the name must be ${contract}_rd.md. But the abi_generator doesn't even resolve the correct contract name in my contract.

  1. How is the contract name determined? It looks like you need to use the EOSIO_ABI macro in some way. How to do it when I cannot use this macro?
  2. I tested it with the example contract: eosiocpp -n hello and create files for hello_rc.md, hello.hi_rc.md. Running eosiocpp -g hello.abi hello.cpp creates the abi with no warnings, but the clauses are empty in the abi file. Why are they empty? Do they need a specific format?

The eosiocpp compiler was the old deprecated way of compiling the c++ into wasm contracts.

The new way uses a compiler called eosio-cpp, which is very confusing.

With eosio.cdt, you can generate a CMake build system using eosio-init, and it will generate the cmake command target_ricardian_directory, where you should specify your ricardian contract files. These will then be automatically integrated into the compiled ABI file.

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