i want to print some logs in eosjs docker version. But somehow it is not showing anything. I have set: # print contract's output to console (eosio::chain_plugin) contracts-console = true in the config.ini which is in eosjs docker folder. I restarted eos but it is not showing any log.

I included #include <eosiolib/print.hpp> and do the printing like that: print("\n>>> user >>>", user, " - name: ", name{ user });

  • same problem here even though i included --contracts-console option Jan 2, 2020 at 13:30

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Try starting the nodeos process with the --contracts-console option in the command line to force it to enable it in case it wasn't using that specific config file or something like that.

Besides that, try being more specific with the print function by prefixing it with the eosio namespace, like eosio::print, and also try printing just a literal string before printing more complex things, like eosio::print("HELLOOOOOO").


use library -> eosiolib/print.hpp then try using printf instead of print

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