I'm trying to get account info by posting to /v1/chain/get_account

But I'm getting the following error:

STD Exception encountered while processing chain.get_account
Exception Details: unknown key

POST data is

    "account_name": "gy3dgnbsgige"

I've also been trying to get balances by posting to /v1/chain/get_currency_balance and have been getting the following error:

FC Exception encountered while processing chain.get_currency_balance
Exception Details: 3060002 account_query_exception: Account Query Exception
Fail to retrieve account for eosblackteam
thread-0  chain_plugin.cpp:970 get_abi

POST data is

    "account": "gy3dgnbsgige",
    "symbol": "BLACK",
    "code": "eosblackteam"

Config is similar to this: config.ini. Version is 1.1.1 built from master branch.

Run command:

nodeosd.sh --data-dir /opt/eosio/bin/data-dir --replay-blockchain --hard-replay-blockchain -e --http-alias= --http-validate-host=false

I've tried making these requests to a public node (api1.eosdublin.io) and they work.

Anyone know why this is happening? Do I need something specific in config.ini to enable this?

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I think you are confused with account_name. Here, I can see two different names gy3dgnbsgige and eosblackteam. So, make sure you are using the correct account name which you created by using cleos create account eosio <your-account-name> command.
By looking at this error Exception Details: unknown key, I think gy3dgnbsgige is not your account name.


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