I can get some unsorted voters by using

await eos.getTableRows({
    json: true,
    code: 'eosio',
    scope: 'eosio',
    table: 'voters',
    // tableKey,
    // lowerBound,
    // upperBound,
    // limit,
    keyType: 'i64',
    indexPositio: '1'

However, I wonder how to query for all the voters that are sorted based on how many votes were casted. Or even better, how to check the vote distribution of a specific block producer, similiar to what EOS Titan team is achieved here https://voters.eostitan.com/voters/50/0/21

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From the code in eosio.system.hpp, there is no index except PK on voters. This means your tasks are not viable with eosjs it self.

I would suggest:

  1. Ask eostitan if you could use their API:


    e.g. https://explorer.eostitan.com/api/voters/1

  2. Find other APIs on the web.

  3. Setup your own full node with mongo_plugin. This would be a far complex process.

    What you will need to do is:

    1. Setup a mongo server.
    2. Setup a nodeos server.
    3. Configure the nodeos server to use mongo_plugin.
    4. You may want to add filter to save only all vote related action_traces into mongo. This would save you a lot of space on mongo server. If you would like keep all action_traces, in our experience, the mongo server should have at least 2TB storage.
    5. Start nodeos server and wait for sync.
    6. With all the action_traces in your mongo server, you will need to add indices that makes your aggregation queries easier.
    7. Do the aggregation queries on your mongo server.

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