I'm not really familiar with leaks or overflows but I've been getting an intermittent bug in my smart contract on the Jungle testnet that is hard to pinpoint.

An action, let's call it action A has this code in its .cpp:

eosio_assert((myVar == "x" || myVar == "y"), "choose x or y");

So I call action A through an account and it transacts successfully and is confirmed.

I call another action, action B, which does not have the eosio_assert above, and lo and behold, and the eosio_assert from Action A will fire! I know it's not firing from B because action B doesn't have anything that says "choose x or y" in its code.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on or how I can go about fixing this?

I am running the EOSIO_ABI uncomment/comment hack alongside EOSIO_ABI_EX if that helps, as I need action A to fire when the contract receives a transfer of EOS tokens.

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    probably hard to help without seeing the code – confused00 Aug 5 '18 at 12:02

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