I'm getting this error: "Error 3090004: Missing required authority" when I try to call contract method. Jungle testnet is used.

That is the method:

      //@abi action
      void add(account_name name, uint64_t owner) {
           ordertable orders(_self, _self);
           orders.emplace(owner, [&](auto& order) {
                order.owner = owner;

Contract is compiled and deployed. I'm using that:

cleos  -u https://jungle.eosio.cr:443  set contract myaccount  ./ ./order.wast ./order.abi

And contract is called with that:

cleos -u https://jungle.eosio.cr:443 push action myaccount add '["myaccount","2"]' -p myaccount@active

Any ideas what might be wrong?

  • first argument to emplace is the payer, while in your case is just number 2. try _self or name instead of owner as the first argument
    – confused00
    Aug 7, 2018 at 11:54
  • @confused00, it works! Thank you man!
    – iobeta123
    Aug 7, 2018 at 11:57

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The problem is that the first argument passed to the emplace() method in the multi-index structure is not an account you have permission to use as a payer.

According to the docs, the parameters are as follows:


  • payer - Account name of the payer for the Storage usage of the new object

  • constructor - Lambda function that does an in-place initialization of the object to be created in the table

Thus, the first parameter should be the account_name of the account that's expected to pay, while in your example you pass the uint64_t 2.

You can use name if you want the account calling the function to pay for RAM to store the new row, or you can use _self if you want the smart contract creator to pay for the RAM usage.


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