Contracts may change data in multi index databases, I wanna know how multi index database sync in all eos nodes?

  • Option 1, all the eos nodes execute each contracts, so no need to sync.
  • Option 2, only the current block producer execute contract, other nodes sync data directly. If so, does it use gossip protocol?
  • Option 3, other mechanism, please share technical details.
  • option 1 is correct
    – confused00
    Aug 10, 2018 at 14:20

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EOS uses a BFT consensus algorithm, so, by default, all nodes (producing and non-producing) validate and process all transactions and blocks to compute the state at each timestep.

However, in the whitepaper, there is a mention of an optional "Partial Evaluation of Blockchain State":

Partial Evaluation of Blockchain State

Scaling blockchain technology necessitates that components are modular. Everyone should not have to run everything, especially if they only need to use a small subset of the applications.

An exchange application developer runs full nodes for the purpose of displaying the exchange state to its users. This exchange application has no need for the state associated with social media applications. EOS.IO software allows any full node to pick any subset of applications to run. Actions delivered to other applications are safely ignored if your application never depends upon the state of another contract.

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