I'd like to create a new account using cleos that requires multiple signatures to perform owner and active authorizations. I tried the following but it didn't quite work.

./cleos set account permission testmultisig owner {"threshold":"2","keys":[{"key":"EOS8Re9txzHLCjtS1Hnkfnocgf4pPpQQqn2WXeQjAgLfWdoSR2bSQ","weight":"1"},{"key":"EOS7hFephCDUVDE8mcuBUhY9yEyBJ1VcFMBDktivhWHK9BD1Xd7yx","weight":"1"}],"accounts":[{"permission":{"actor":"testmultisig","permission":"owner"},"weight":"2"}]}

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    What error did you get? I think you should quote the JSON part.
    – kenorb
    May 10, 2018 at 20:02
  • I have the exact same problem. It would be nice if you could post the result of your query. May 11, 2018 at 15:45

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When I skim your command I found that you forgot ' ' in the permission setting.

./cleos set account permission testmultisig owner '{"threshold":"2","keys":[{"key":"EOS8Re9txzHLCjtS1Hnkfnocgf4pPpQQqn2WXeQjAgLfWdoSR2bSQ","weight":"1"},{"key":"EOS7hFephCDUVDE8mcuBUhY9yEyBJ1VcFMBDktivhWHK9BD1Xd7yx","weight":"1"}],"accounts":[{"permission":"actor":"testmultisig","permission":"owner"},"weight":"2"}]}'

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