I declared a variable value = "0.0001 EOS"; , inside my action I want to transfer those asset to a account .I am having difficulty to typacasting this string into the eosio::asset value . my code goes like this :

std::string value = "0.0001 EOS";
eosio::asset tosend = (eosio::asset)value;

it gives me error

 error: no matching conversion for C-style cast from 'std::string' (aka 'basic_string<char, char_traits<char>, allocator<char> >') to
           eosio::asset tosend = (eosio::asset)value;

if I pass the tosend value from cleos command it would work fine . so my question is can I typcast the string value into eosio::token ?

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I find the way to solve this problem .I use the function of symbol.hpp which is located at eosiolib/symbol.hpp inside our eos . First of all I create a string and then assign some amount to the struct . My code goes like this

std::string sym = "EOS";
symbol_type symbolvalue = string_to_symbol(4,sym.c_str());
eosio::asset tosend;
tosend.amount = 10001;
tosend.symbol = symbolvalue;
print("tosend value is ______",tosend);

so the amount here is 1.0001 EOS. it works for me . If anybody have better approach please feel free to share .

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