I know we can defer a action in EOS, I invoke a non-abi action from an abi action like this:

eosio::transaction txn{};
    eosio::permission_level(owner, N(active)),
txn.delay_sec = delay;
txn.send(N(id), owner);

Is the above transaction correct? I tried but it didn't work. But, do we have some workaround to run this?

  • if it's not in the abi, then you can't communicate with it
    – confused00
    Commented Aug 31, 2018 at 19:05

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It isn't possible to call a non-ABI action in the way you want. Only something in the ABI can be called in a transaction, whether it is deferred or not.


The reason you couldn't execute non-abi action is that auto-generated action dispatcher doesn't contain action not marked with [[eosio::action]]. Write apply manually or use EOSIO_DISPATCH to dispatch your action correctly.

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