I am facing a problem related to creating account on local node.

Steps followed:

  • nodeos running on a separate terminal.
  • wallet is unlocked
  • list keys using cleos wallet keys. It gives output as: [ "EOS5auLgLhM3uYWaDEeESKUMfqYsnNcUj2G9xSDuLbmEj4PGfBupL", "EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV", "EOS6aD1hj7hcqktskyMtFKLti62MSaQV4vgb1GMES5cvLmj8s8Jip" ]
  • create account for uploading a contract using cleos create account eosio dev111111111 EOS5auLgLhM3uYWaDEeESKUMfqYsnNcUj2G9xSDuLbmEj4PGfBupL EOS6aD1hj7hcqktskyMtFKLti62MSaQV4vgb1GMES5cvLmj8s8Jip

Issue: It is returning nothing. I did wait for long.

Anyone with the solution, please?

Happy coding :)


Try using

cleos system newaccount [OPTIONS] creator name OwnerKey [ActiveKey]


cleos system newaccount --stake-net "1.0000 EOS" --stake-cpu "1.0000 EOS" --buy-ram "1.0000 EOS" blockchain11 mynewacc1234 EOS5g4kXUjksMPRV7Eix13NYygW8g4EhA7gsAP3u8ZKzPwp4CMYV6 EOS5g4kXUjksMPRV7Eix13NYygW8g4EhA7gsAP3u8ZKzPwp4CMYV6

  • cleos system newaccount --stake-net "1.0000 EOS" --stake-cpu "1.0000 EOS" --buy-ram "1.0000 EOS" eosio abhitest1234 EOS5auLgLhM3uYWaDEeESKUMfqYsnNcUj2G9xSDuLbmEj4PGfBupL EOS5auLgLhM3uYWaDEeESKUMfqYsnNcUj2G9xSDuLbmEj4PGfBupL
    – abhi3700
    Sep 3 '18 at 10:33
  • I tried this (in the comment above) It gives output as --> Error 3060002: Account Query Exception Most likely, the given account doesn't exist in the blockchain.
    – abhi3700
    Sep 3 '18 at 10:36
  • Are you using single node test net or public test net? In the public net, you can only create a new account from an existing account. If you don't have any, try this [jungle.cryptolions.io/#account] Create an account from there and import those private keys to your wallet. Sep 3 '18 at 11:20
  • I am facing this issue in single node testnet. I am OK with public testnet i.e. jungle. But the problem is I am unable to see the output of any action e.g. hello name{user}. The transaction gets executed, but only problem is - "in the end it doesn't show output". Pls help??
    – abhi3700
    Sep 3 '18 at 11:32
  • I think that in order to see the output of an action, one needs to run on a local node. Is it correct?
    – abhi3700
    Sep 3 '18 at 11:33

Can you cross check alias of cleos correctly connected to nodeos

 alias cleos='docker exec -it eosio /opt/eosio/bin/cleos --url --wallet-url'
  • actually I have switched over to working with jungle testnet now and then requesting the actions through eosjs (with JS), eosfactory( with Python)
    – abhi3700
    Oct 4 '18 at 18:04

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