I'm trying to set up a non-producing node for my application to query data from the EOS blockchain.

I started synchronizing for three days. However, only five million blocks have been downloaded so far.

It appears that blocks are produced faster than they are being downloaded to my node.

I used the peers from privex.io to synchronize with my local node.

My hardware specifications are:

Virtual CPU Core: 2


Disk Space: 100 GB

Any advice on how to speed up the node synchronization?

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EOS Nation Snapshots: https://snapshots.eosnation.io/

Also Sw/Eden: https://snapshots.eossweden.org/

We also keep this updated to get peers, genesis, etc: https://docs.liquidapps.io/en/stable/dsps/eosio-node.html


Even with the tar ball from eosnode.tools it takes forever to sync up. I am running nodeeos on a 32GB system and it went on for days. I even wrote a script to estimate how long it takes to sync up.

See my related question and answer

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