In a private EOS blockchain environment (think company/industry specific), is there a way to change the number of block producers in the network to be more than the 21 used in the public blockchain? If I am working in an industry that has, say, 40 players, can I configure the blockchain so that each of the 40 players can be a producer on the network?

  • this and this used to help with this, but not sure if they're still actively maintained at the moment
    – confused00
    Commented Sep 19, 2018 at 23:09

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You can change number of BPs in system contract,

Change "21" to your desired number as below:



  for ( auto it = idx.cbegin(); it != idx.cend() && top_producers.size() < **21** && 0 < it->total_votes && it->active(); ++it ) {
     top_producers.emplace_back( std::pair<eosio::producer_key,uint16_t>({{it->owner, it->producer_key}, it->location}) );

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