I am trying the get started guide but I get stuck in the hello world smart contract. Here is the console log.

root@d75d5dde1190:/home/savvas/EOS/contracts/hello# ls
hello.abi  hello.cpp  hello.wasm  hello.wast  hello.wast.abi

root@d75d5dde1190:/home/savvas/EOS/contracts# cleos set contract /home/savvas/EOS/contracts/hello --abi hello.abi -p hello@active
Error 3160000: Contract exception
Error Details:
 contract-dir is null 

Any thoughts?

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OK seems that the problem is that I didn't provide contract name. Changing the command to cleos set contract hello /home/savvas/EOS/contracts/hello --abi hello.abi -p hello@active solved the problem. Thanks.

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    Just to add, hello after set contract is the account name which has been created to dedicate the contract. Usually practice is to keep the name of such accounts same as contract name.
    – A.K.
    Sep 25, 2018 at 10:48

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