Non fungible tokens with tracability need a table that need space and Non fungible tokens also need more computation as we need to have mint ,burn ,create and issue abi actions.

In my opinion surely they need greater RAM, How do I calculate the RAM that I need for my contract that contains NFT.

Is there any alternative way to reduce cost!

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In fungible tokens you track number of tokens per an account.

In non-fungible tokens you track individual token per account.

The latter is the only way to do non-fungible tokens - you need to track an individual token, as it would not be non-fungible otherwise.

You cannot compress the memory cost beyond account:token id pair, so there is no way to reduce the cost beyond raw RAM consumption.

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As there is no any tool that provided by eos to calculate how much RAM your contract need but if you know exactly how much RAM needed than this site https://www.eosrp.io/ will definitely help you out.To calculate RAM for contract i think to go on mainnet or testnet and test over there to checkout usage of RAM will be best way.

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