Is there a way to create paper wallet for EOS cold storage? And can these addresses also receive tokens.

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I've integrated EOS key generation into my memory paper wallet generator project as seen below:

Live Demo: https://xcubicle.github.io/memorypaperwallet

Details: https://www.xcubicle.com/memory-paper-wallet-bitcoin-ethereum-monero-ardor-litecoin


  • Key generation is time and memory intensive to prevent brute force guessing
  • Printer friendly design
  • Fold to conceal the private keys when giving as a gift.
  • Background is user changeable for different occasions
  • Ability to generate multi-party keys using Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme.
  • Remember a user/pass combination to generate the same keys in case of loss when giving away as gifts.

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Yes, you can generate a keypair using eosjs-ecc, create an account that uses that keypair for owner key, and keep your private key safe.

Example process:

  1. Install the library

    $ npm install eosjs-ecc
  2. Create a keypair

    $ node
    > const ecc = require('eosjs-ecc')
    > ecc.randomKey().then(privateKey => {
       console.log('Private Key:\t', privateKey) // wif
       console.log('Public Key:\t',  ecc.privateToPublic(privateKey)) // EOSkey...
    > Private Key: 5KCyCHxCRwV7EH5VWUt2AFeVo2vRu2HgBGFsAwoF5CokwTa4mEa
    Public Key: EOS8E8FjakRz1a5Tw4YJQb6QMFC6ah1SWf3LEBpHCffH48G7mYWMj
  3. Import the private key in your wallet

    $ cleos wallet import 5KCyCHxCRwV7EH5VWUt2AFeVo2vRu2HgBGFsAwoF5CokwTa4mEa
  4. Create an account with that key

    $ cleos system newaccount <parent-account> <new-account> <public-key> --stake-net 10.0000 EOS --stake-cpu 10.0000 EOS --buy-ram-kbytes 20
  5. Write your private key somewhere safe offline

Note that this process can be made more secure using typical paper wallet practices such as using a newly installed operating system on an air-gapped machine, using multisig, creating a hierarchy of permissions, etc.

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