I know how to do the other way round but don't know how to convert from name to account_name unless I convert it to string first. Please help. Thanks.

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Name structure contains "account_name value" attribute. Look at "eosiolib\types.hpp"

account_name is just uint64_t; (eosiolib\types.h)

So you can:

account_name a = N("accname"); //eq of string_to_name(..)
name n = name {a};
a = n;
string accname = n.to_string();

Look at hello\hello.cpp for example.


Maybe this code can be useful:

account_name eosio_name = eosio::string_to_name(user); // convert to EOSIO name from variable

Where user is: std::string user.

This is basically a method to convert an std::string to uint64_t.

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