I am getting this error on the testnet:

Error 3070002: Runtime Error Processing WASM
Error Details:
access violation
pending console output:

testdauser11.hpp file:

#include "../eosiolib/eosio.hpp"
#include <string>    

using namespace std;
using namespace eosio;    

namespace eosio {
class test_da : public contract {
        test_da( account_name self ): contract( self ) {}       

        /// @abi action create
        void create( account_name user, string title, string content );     

/*      ///@abi action change
        void change( account_name user, uint64_t post_id, string title, string content );       

        /// @abi action dele
        void dele( account_name user, uint64_t post_id );   
        /// @abi action getd
        void getd(uint64_t post_id, account_name user );

        /// @abi table data i64
        struct da
            uint64_t post_id;
            account_name poster;
            string title;
            string content;     

            uint64_t primary_key() const { return post_id; }
            account_name get_poster() const { return poster; }      

            EOSLIB_SERIALIZE( da, (post_id) (poster) (title) (content));

        typedef multi_index<N(data), da, indexed_by<N(byposter), const_mem_fun<da, account_name, &da::get_poster>>> das;        

} /// namespace eosio

testdauser11.cpp file:

#include "testdauser11.hpp"    

using namespace eosio;    

void test_da::create(account_name user, string title, string content) {
    das datable( _self, user );
    datable.emplace( user, [&] (da& d) {
        d.title = title;
        d.content = content;
        d.post_id = datable.available_primary_key();
        d.poster = user;

void test_da::getd(uint64_t post_id, account_name user ) {
    das datable( _self, _self );
    auto post_da = datable.find(post_id);
    print("Post id: ", post_da->post_id, ", title: ", post_da->title.c_str(), ", content: ", post_da->content.c_str());    

    auto post_index = datable.template get_index<N(byposter)>();
    auto pos = post_index.find(user);
    while( pos != post_index.end() ) {
        print( "Post_id: ", pos->post_id, ", Post_title: ", pos->title.c_str(), ", Post_content: ", pos->content.c_str() );
EOSIO_ABI(test_da, (create) (getd));

Command used:

cleos push action testdauser11 getd '[1, "drifeusr1eos"]' -p testdauser11

Can anyone help me understand the error (mentioned above)?

  • You have to check if the post really exists before accessing the data. after auto post_da = datable.find(post_id); you have to check if post_da != datatable.end() – damianodamiano Oct 2 '18 at 19:42
  • private: /// @abi table data i64 struct da { uint64_t post_id; account_name poster; string title; string content; replace da with data – Nirdesh Kumar Choudhary Oct 3 '18 at 6:58
  • @NirdeshKumarChoudhary why do I have to change from da -> data. No relevance at all w.r.t. my question. – Abhijit Roy Oct 4 '18 at 18:06
  • @damianodamiano I have done that already in while loop. Pls check. – Abhijit Roy Oct 4 '18 at 18:08

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