Ethereum has the basic ERC20 contract to create tokens, but what is the equivalent in EOS? Also what about ERC721 for unique tokens?

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The are NFT (NON FUNGIBLE TOKENS) ,Ther are the tokens with different values basing on the attributes they posses. insense always 1 EOS (yours) is equal to 1 EOS (mine) , but not the case in

your kitty = my kitty

check out this link https://github.com/guoc1995/eosio.nft


Fungible tokens

The current standard is eosio.token.

At the moment, however, the eosio.token only issued the system token EOS, and everyone else issuing tokens have to copy the contract to create their own. In the future, Todd Fleming mentioned that there will be a symbol auction process to issue tokens using the main eosio.token on mainnet.

Non-fungible tokens

Right now, there is nothing widely adopted and agreed upon as far as I know, but there is at least one proposal for it, named eosio.nft:

The following standard allows the implementation of a standard API for NFTs within EOS smart contracts. This standard provides basic functionality to track and transfer NFTs.

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