Dan Larimer mentioned EOS would integrate with Steem blog system. How would that work and what is the purpose of it?


No specification was published about how it will work yet.

However, Steemit + Steem is fundamentally enabled by a particular set of features, including feeless transactions, high TPS, uncapped supply, observer auditability through on-chain operations, and a degree of censorship-resistance.

Due to the architectural similarities shared by EOSIO and STEEM, all these features can be natively used in EOSIO. Thus, a Steemit-like application may be implemented as its own EOSIO-based chain, as a side-chain to another EOSIO blockchain, or as a non-native token to an already existing EOSIO chain.

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EOS generalized the application specific features in Steemit and bitshares ,say account names , feeless. etc . At user stand point it's just sidechain with native tokens. At develpoer perspective its boon, developer can redirect for account creation to Eos dan project.just like Dtube ,Dmania, busy did.

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