I understand that it is used for serialization and deserialization of a struct but why does anybody want to serialize/deserialize the struct? What's the use case?

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EOSLIB_SERIAlIZE is a DataStream Seralizater , if you want to deep dive into what it does you should go to contracts/eosiolib/serialize.hpp in your EOS directory. It basically gives the struct extra operators for the serialization and deserialization of data to and from the multi_index database.

if you go deep inside this you will found that it was using BOOST_PP_SEQ_FOR_EACH macro. If you want to know more on Boost preprocessor + enums that is what exactly happening here you should go here and personally I would suggest you to go explore more about enums in c++.

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    Knowing the "how" will not result in understanding the "why." While more details around what the EOSLIB_SERIALIZE macro is doing under the hood is great, OP asked for the use case.
    – Tyrick
    Commented Nov 1, 2018 at 18:07

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