Who controls the NYC block producer? And how much eos do they control? And how were they nominated in the first place?

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EOS New York is a self-funded and self-owned Block Producer. Our ownership disclosure can be found here. The amount of EOS we own can be found in our eosnewyorkio account on-chain here. Block Producers aren't actually nominated by others but by registering on-chain via regproducer.

./cleos.sh push action eosio regproducer '["account", "pub-key", "URL", "country-code"]' -p accountname 

You can check out our website or visit us on telegram in our public channel for more information. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

This account is managed by Kevin Rose, head of Community for EOS New York. This is why the account is new. Our technical team members have their own individual profiles.

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