What is required to use the cleos command line eos wallet manager? Do I need to install other software before running it?

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Follow the step-by-step guide found at the developer portal.

In a nutshell:

  1. Install Docker
  2. docker pull eosio/eos
  3. docker run --name eosio \ --publish 7777:7777 \ --publish \ --volume CONTRACTS_DIR:CONTRACTS_DIR \ --detach \ eosio/eos \ /bin/bash -c \ "keosd --http-server-address= & exec nodeos -e -p eosio --plugin eosio::producer_plugin --plugin eosio::history_plugin --plugin eosio::chain_api_plugin --plugin eosio::history_plugin --plugin eosio::history_api_plugin --plugin eosio::http_plugin -d /mnt/dev/data --config-dir /mnt/dev/config --http-server-address= --access-control-allow-origin=* --contracts-console --http-validate-host=false --filter-on='*'"
  4. Profit!

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