Is there another blockchain like EOS that has to do with resources? I like the fact that you can stake eos to get permission to use parts of the networks "resources". Was wondering what other blockchains have such a concept.

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There are some other blockchains in different stages of starting up which are based on the same code base called, EOSIO.

Worbli, Telos

The main feature required for this type of resource allocation is DPOS and there are not many blockchains with that at their base. This doens't work on a POW blockchain.

You can also start a EOSIO private blockchain on some servers and have all the resources for yourself.

And as @confused00 wrote in the comment below, steem and any graphene based blockchain.

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    also steem uses a similar model to eosio and maybe other graphene-based chains
    – confused00
    Commented Oct 17, 2018 at 11:56

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