Other than eosio.token contract how can we call the inline actions in contract from multisig contract.
For example,

I have a contracts namely mltisigmetup(with action meetup).
Now I need a functionality that EOSIO.MSIG will execute mltisigmetup's action meetup.

cleos multisig propose testfin '[{"actor": "partner2", "permission": 
"active"}]' '[{"actor": "partner2", "permission": "active"}]' mltisigmetup 
meetup '{ "timestamp" :12345567, "author" : "partner1", "male":"ash" , 
"female":"swa","ismet":"yes" }' -p partner1@active -p partner1

this following not executing action in ctr

 cleos multisig exec partner1 testfin -p partner1


  #include <eosiolib/eosio.hpp>
#include <eosiolib/print.hpp>

using namespace eosio;
using namespace std;

class mltisigmetup : public contract
    using contract::contract;

    explicit mltisigmetup(account_name self) : contract(self){}

void meetup(const uint64_t timestamp, const account_name author,const string &male,const string &female,const string &ismet)
        // require_auth(author);
       uint128_t skey = static_cast<uint128_t>(author) << 64 | timestamp;
        meet_table meettable(_self, _self); // code, scope
        meettable.emplace(author, [&](auto &post) {
            post.pkey = meettable.available_primary_key();
            post.skey = skey;
            post.author = author;
 private : struct [[eosio::table]] meet_struct {
        uint64_t pkey;
        uint64_t author;
        uint128_t skey;

        uint64_t primary_key() const { return pkey; }
        uint128_t get_by_skey() const { return skey; }
        EOSLIB_SERIALIZE(meet_struct, (pkey)(author)(skey))
    typedef eosio::multi_index<N(posts), meet_struct,
                               indexed_by<N(getbyskey), const_mem_fun<meet_struct, uint128_t, &meet_struct::get_by_skey>>>
EOSIO_ABI(mltisigmetup, (meetup))

getting no error, but no output.

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You need to pass partner2 transaction auth in contract action data inorder to execute , not partner1's

{ "timestamp" :12345567, "author" : "partner2",....}

cleos multisig propose testfin '[{"actor": "partner2", "permission": "active"}]' '[{"actor": "partner2", "permission": "active"}]' mltisigmetup meetup '{ "timestamp" :12345567, "author" : "partner2", "male":"ash" , "female":"swap","ismet":"yes" }' -p partner1


cleos multisig approve partner1 testfin '{"actor": "partner2", "permission": "active"}' -p partner2


cleos multisig exec partner1 testfin -p partner1

check table

cleos get table mltisigmetup mltisigmetup posts

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