Usually in centralized apps we have the fields created_at and created_by to know when and who created this record and also sometimes modified_at and modified_by to register who and when was the last modification of a record.

How should we do that in our smart contracts? Should we have account_name and uint64_t added manually to the table or is there an easy way to find out through get actions?

  • yes, add them to your table
    – Jimmy Guo
    Jun 26, 2018 at 2:23

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Just add a created_at field to your table.

struct blog {
    uint64_t id;
    time created_at;

    uint64_t primary_key()const { return id; }
    EOSLIB_SERIALIZE(blog, (id)(created_at))
typedef multi_index<N(blog), blog> blog_index;
blog_index blogs;

When creating a record, set created_at to now().

blogs.emplace(_self, [&](auto& x) {
    x.id = blogs.available_primary_key();
    x.created_at = now();

If you need to know this information inside the smart contract, then you should store this information in the record just like you would in a regular DB.

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