In this blog post, Dan Larimer says, "In order to maintain maximum voting influence each voter will have to re-assert their vote every week."

Does this mean that a voter can only change her vote once every week? If so, what if a BP turns into a bad actor right after winning the community's faith? Or can token holders vote out a BP any time they wish to?

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I think that like in Steem, voters may change their BP votes as often as they wish (subject to bandwidth limits). Perhaps the vote decay operation runs once a week though, so to ensure your vote is never in a decayed state, you would need to reassert it that frequently. I haven't checked the code to confirm this though.


Votes are examined every "round" (every 2 minutes and 6 seconds, i.e. after each of the 21 active producers has had their turn to make their 12 blocks in their assigned 6-second window) to see who should be making blocks next round.

So the lineup can change at that frequency.

As a voter you can call the voteproducer command as often as you like, within the normal rate limits of the system, i.e. depending on how many tokens you've staked for bandwidth and CPU.


they can vote them out every 3 days

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