I'm working on an open source multi coin payment gateway to create EOS accounts, just like https://zeos.co EOS, BTC, BCH and ETH will be supported.

My plan so far:

The front-end checks if the account name is still available via eos.getAccount(account_name). The nodejs API runs on DigitalOcean. You send a GET request with your preferred coin, account name and 2 pub keys to link to. The current price for RAM and the conversion rate will be calculated. It will send you back the acc name to send the funds to, price and memo (wished user acc name).

Eosjs on the server checks for 15min for incoming transactions that are >= than the inquired price with the memo of the wished user acc name.

If successful, eosjs creates the acc with some bandwidth, RAM and returns true to the user. After creation eosjs checks for the balance of the account creator, in case the balance is low, a telegram or slack notification will be sent to the owner.

Did I forget something? Of course I will check my ports and not run the API as root, but is there anything else I can do so no one hacks into the server and steals all the coins?

The beginning: https://github.com/MarcelBlockchain/crypto-payment-gateway

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