I have installed EOSIO from https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/releases/tag/v1.4.3

cleos is working properly. But there is something wrong with keosd

cybrosys@cybrosys:~$ cleos wallet create
"/usr/opt/eosio/1.4.3/bin/keosd" launched
Unable to connect to keosd, if keosd is running please kill the process and try again.

cybrosys@cybrosys:~$ keosd
info  2018-11-09T09:58:29.003 thread-0  wallet_plugin.cpp:42          plugin_initialize    ] initializing wallet plugin
warn  2018-11-09T09:58:29.003 thread-0  wallet_plugin.cpp:68          plugin_initialize    ] 3120000 wallet_exception: Wallet exception
Failed to open wallet lock file at /home/cybrosys/eosio-wallet/./wallet.lock
    thread-0  wallet_manager.cpp:284 initialize_lock
Failed to initialize

I have done pkill keosd. But still keosd is not running


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I have solved it.

What I found is, keosd is running somehow in the system. Find it and kill it. Try the commands below

  • Find PID of the running keosd process

    ps -ef | grep keosd

  • Kill it

    kill -9 pid

    //replace 'pid' with value returned by the first command

  • Run keosd in a specified port(8900)

    keosd --http-server-address=

Also, make sure that you have eosio-wallet directory and related files in your home directory


Just simplifying answer by @Muhzin, pkill should do the job:

pkill keosd

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