After installing eosio.cdt 1.4.1, I am receiving this error from the compilation of my code where is included the header file eosiolib/types.hpp:

fatal error: 'eosiolib/types.hpp' file not found

#include <eosiolib/types.hpp>

Using the old compiler eosiocpp everything works fine.

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With eosiocpp everything works fine because types.hpp is defined in the directory ...\eos\contracts\eosiolib. In eosio.cdt in ...\eosio.cdt\libraries\eosiolib there is only types.h and not types.hpp and so types.hpp cannot be found.


Apparently, some breaking changes have been introduced and types.hpp is no more present in eosio.cdt. That of course is the reason of the error.

However, even if, in the docs https://github.com/EOSIO/eosio.cdt, clearly is specified under eosiolib C++ API that eosiolib/types.hpp has been removed, this section can be useful for the last updates:


Moved the typedef eosio::extensions_types to eosiolib/transaction.hpp.
Removed comparison functions for checksum structs.
Removal of eosio::char_to_symbol, eosio::string_to_name, eosio::name_suffix functions
Removal of the N macro. The ""_n operator or the name constructor should be used as a type safe replacement. Example: N(foo) -> "foo"_n, or N(foo) -> name("foo").
Moved eosio::name struct definition and ""_n operator to eosiolib/name.hpp

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