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I was able to change the staked tokens for my self but i can't find any tool to unstake some of the tokens staked to other (child) accounts that I created.

how can I unstake EOS Tokens staked to other account?

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    cleos system undelegatebw?
    – confused00
    Nov 18, 2018 at 11:00

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You can use cleos to undelegatebw:

cleos -u https://api.eosbean.com:443 system undelegatebw youraccount1 otheraccount "0.1 EOS" "0.2 EOS" -p youraccount1@active

In which, youraccount1 is your own EOS account name, otheraccount is the other (child) account name, 0.1 EOS is the amount of EOS to undelegate for NET, '0.2 EOS' is the amount of EOS to undelegate for CPU, and youraccount1@active is the permission you are using for your own EOS account.

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