Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions but you're really helpful and I'm getting a better understanding of the platform every day thanks to you ;)

I'm having a hard time figuring out why some transactions are "duplicated" whereas some are not. I found on this forum people referring to act_digest as being a potential unique identifier (same act_digest = same transaction) but amongst there various transactions, which one is to be considered the "valid" one? How can I double check that?

They have much in common but for example, the following information aren't identical from one to another "transaction":

  • global_sequence
  • recv_sequence
  • block_num (this one is interesting as the block_num is different but the block_time is identical)
  • producer_block_id
  • createdAt

Is it possible that the same transaction was processed by different BP but only 1 is to be considered as valid but it doesn't matter which one?

Thanks in advance for your answers,

  • A little up comment as I found this topic here but it's just a guess, anyone as a more definitive answer? Document is non existent on that "issue" and I really don't understand why some transactions have dozen of identical act_digest whereas others has merely one?
    – Linda
    Nov 25, 2018 at 15:54


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