So I have nodeos up and running perfectly. I created a directory for a test project where I'm trying to use the eosio.token files in eosio.cdt to create a new token. When I run...

cleos set contract eosdevelopertwo ./eosdevelopertwo -p eosdevelopertwo@active

I get an error message that reads "Serialization Error Processing WASM"

The project folder in question has an a.out file that generates instead of an abi file. For some reason when I ran the command to generate an abi file, it created this. I also have a renamed eosio.token.cpp file and a renamed eosio.token.hpp file. I also have a WASM file that I was able to generate. So outside of an abi file...I should have everything.

When I ran...

eosio-cpp -g eosdevelopertwo.abi eosiodevelopertwo.cpp it generated an a.out file, not an abi file

I saw in another thread similar to this one, someone mentioned a config.ini file, but I'm not using Docker and a Docker folder is the only place where I found that. I'm running a local node on my VM. I feel like I'm very close. The only thing that seems strange is whenever I ran the commands to create the wasm and abi files...the command line always froze and didn't automatically pop up with a new line. The cursor would go to the next line and just keep blinking as if it was trying to process something and a temp file would appear in the folder.

I have to hit Control+C to get rid of that just so I can type on the next line. IDK if that has something to do with it, maybe my WASM and ABI files aren't complete or something. Maybe that's why I get an a.out file.

Any help would be much appreciated. I've come so far and I know I'm just missing something here.

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