Where is the dfuse API endpoint to connect to the Jungle 2.0 Network?


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How dfuse is supporting Jungle 2.0 Testnet

dfuse API provides a REST and WebSocket API, which you can connect to using dfuse. Read through the documentation to get started and apply for your free API key.

EOS Canada also offers standard endpoints for nodeos:

RPC API: https://jungle.eoscanada.com P2P: peering.jungle.eoscanada.com:9876

Jungle 2.0 General Chain Info Chain ID: e70aaab8997e1dfce58fbfac80cbbb8fecec7b99cf982a9444273cbc64c41473

The endpoints can be found in the documentation here: http://docs.dfuse.io/#endpoints

Jungle Network Endpoints for the Jungle Network (chain ID: e70aaab8...)

Websocket wss://jungle.eos.dfuse.io/v1/stream REST https://jungle.eos.dfuse.io/

They also provide the following the endpoints:

EOS Mainnet Endpoints for the EOS Mainnet (chain ID: aca376f2...)

Websocket wss://mainnet.eos.dfuse.io/v1/stream REST https://mainnet.eos.dfuse.io/

CryptoKylin Network Endpoints for the CryptoKylin Network (chain ID: 5fff1dae...)

Websocket wss://kylin.eos.dfuse.io/v1/stream REST https://kylin.eos.dfuse.io/

The dfuse API is available for multiple EOSIO networks. Should you need it on another network, contact us.


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