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void receivedTokens( const currency::transfer& t, account_name code ) {
        if( t.to == _self ) {
            string cMemo = t.memo;
            string stringName(getAccountNameFromMemo(cMemo));
            account_name to = string_to_name(stringName.c_str());
            string memo = cMemo.replace(0, cMemo.size() > stringName.size() ? stringName.size()+1 : stringName.size(), "");
            INLINE_ACTION_SENDER(eosio::token, transfer)( code, {{_self,N(active)}}, {_self, to, t.quantity, memo} );

Why are there 3 params in the second portion of the INLINE_ACTION_SENDER and what do they do?:

( code, {{_self,N(active)}}, {_self, to, t.quantity, memo} )

Docs Link

Should be:

The member of the action specified as ("action_member1_name", action_member1_value)("action_member2_name", action_member2_value)

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