Currently I am trying to do offline signing of transaction. In order to do that, I need to serialize the transaction and I need to use Fcbuffer for that.

Following the step in the Fcbuffer link, does anyone know what kind of information should be put in Definition?

definitions = {
message_type: 'fixed_string16', // CustomType: built-in type
account_name: 'fixed_string32', // CustomType: built-in type
message: { // struct
    fields: {
      from: 'account_name',
      to: 'account_name',
      cc: 'account_name[]',
      type: 'message_type',
      data: 'bytes' // built-in type

The definition is later passed in like below to create serialized transaction.

fcbuffer = Fcbuffer(definitions, {defaults: true})

I tried to pass in a raw transaction without a signature in which you can create with the following code:

eos.transfer(from, to, quantity, memo, { broadcast: false, sign: false });

But this creates a lot of error msg and does not work.

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