.getActionTraces({account: "eosbetdice11"}, {start_block: Number(process.env.START_BLOCK)})

here's the response

enter image description here

I'm using both the ts library (https://github.com/dfuse-io/eosws-js), no filtering on the action_name, but there is no transfer info, tried the go library as well, same issue.

  • What is the value effective value of Number(process.env.START_BLOCK) exactly?
    – Matt
    Dec 14, 2018 at 17:58

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So, the reason why there is no transfer action returned is simply because the transfers you see on eosbetdice11 account are from the eosio.token contract.

Here are the ABI action names available on the eosbetdice11 contract:

$ eosc get abi eosbetdice11 | jq .abi.actions[].name "initcontract" "togglepause" "setbonus" "killbonus" "newrandkey" "suspendbet" "resolvebet" "betreceipt" "refundbet"

As you can see, there is no transfer action in this contract. The account parameter in get_action_traces is used to filter out all actions performed on the contract active on account.

In your get_action_traces, you are requesting account: eosbetdice11, the transfer action will never happen on this contract.

If you provide { account: "eosio.token", receiver: "eosbetdice11" } instead, you will receive all eosio.token actions for which the receiver of the action was eosbetdice11. You will get transfers in those cases that "affected" eosbetdice11 account.

Add action: "transfer" if you only care about transfer actions.

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