When I imported eos account into Exodus wallet it automatically updated my account permissions and added a second active key. I want to remove this key from my account. Does anyone know how?

        active     1:    1 EOS59P16Z7znbs6xjNX3Sf1TVZJ2gLsgmc9bPr3BLQbno6H8DcHsm, 1 EOS6nKk4qHJEjYGQCHzrC5DxJYaSwUQga7ZvdrVeBgTURq4HBG3Ha

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You can go to eostoolkit to do that. Enter the public key you'd like to keep, set owner as parent, your account name, then keep the threshold at 1 and sign the transaction.

Remove a permission Specify the Permission and Parent, and leave a single Authority row empty with the default Weight of 1.

Link: https://eostoolkit.io/account/advanced

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