The contract just added print( "hello"); and console configuration is now available in config.ini. How do I get "hello" from the rpc interface?

  • action_trace.console-field.
    – cmadh
    Mar 12, 2019 at 13:37

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The print messages is not something that we exposed through the dfuse API. If your are the author of the smart contract, your best option currently is to launch a local development nodeos binary where the configuration option is enabled, install the smart contract on your local development nodeos and see the messages appears in the console where the nodeos process is running.

If you check in the eosio.forum repository, you will find a file run.sh that launches a local development node and bootstrap it using eos-bios.

This repository and script can be used as an example of how to launch a local development nodeos version.

Update - March 11th, 2019

The console output of contracts is now recorded by dfuse and can be consumed from all endpoints that returns action_traces. If your contract do perform console logs, they will now appear in the action trace that produced them under the console field (this is standard EOSIO format).

The console output can also be seen on https://eosq.app in the action pill, there is now a Console entry: https://eosq.app/tx/8dabc9df637c1c65b77d23d85f54d47c57c597c94b37d4613d179d146437f4f9 (check top most action).

You can learn more on the blog post: https://www.dfuse.io/en/blog/debug-like-a-pro-as-in-production-with-console-outputs

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