I have an action that needs to operate on a string:

void token::MyAction(std::string key);

so I would expect I can make the call like this:

cleos push action MyAccount MyAction '["burn"]' -p MyAccount@active

but when I make the call, I get an error:

Error 3050003: eosio_assert_message assertion failure Error Details: assertion failure with message: read pending console output:

how can I pass a string to an action?

for what it's worth, I also tried:

cleos push action MyAccount MyAction '{"key":"burn"}' -p MyAccount@active

which also failed

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yeah, this happens if you change the structure of your table without erasing the previous content see https://github.com/clockknock/eos-contract-example/tree/master/02-erase-table


it is perfectly possible to pass strings to an action and the way the code had been structured was perfectly fine

the real problem turned out to be that I had redefined the struct behind the eosio::table and that caused the error. not very intuitive at all

what I had to do was wipe out my whole network and recreate that table. now it works

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