I'm looking to work with eos on testnet, but I know there are a few testnet implementations. Which eos testnet has the cheapest ram and cpu where I can use for test my dapp? My dapp mainly sends 500 character messages to other accounts but encrypted. I was thinking of using the memo field, but that requires alot of cpu, so that's why I'm looking for an eos testnet to do these large tests.

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Most of the testnet just uses the same fee and ram policy as the mainnet. On testnet, you can just easily ask for faucet tokens for your test. The Junlge Testnet is the most popular one.

However, if you really need a network environment with cheaper fees and ram fees for any reason, you might want to consider implementing your own network with modified system contract deployed.

However, I doubt that to be really helpful because if you are planning to implement your dApp on mainnet someday, you will have to find a way to optimize your contract anyway.

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