I am seeing the error

Error 3040000: Transaction exception
Ensure that your transaction satisfy the contract's constraint!
Error Details:
max inline action depth per transaction reached

after a simple call to an EOS transfer action

cleos -u http://api.eosnewyork.io:80 push action eosio.token transfer '{"from":"aromaticbeer", "to":"polyeosiswin", "quantity":"0.1000 EOS", "memo":"jbj"}' -p aromaticbeer@active

Here is my inline transfer action code in the polyeosiswin smart contract on the mainnet:

    if (quantity.symbol == EOS_SYMBOL)
    name eosio_name = "cooperbaxter"_n;
    asset amount = asset(10000, EOS_SYMBOL);
    action (
            permission_level{_self, "active"_n},
            std::make_tuple (
                from = _self, to = eosio_name, quantity = amount, memo = "Test"

This is too simple to be seeing an error. What gives?

  • have you found the root cause ? i got this error occasionally as well.
    – James Cai
    Aug 31 at 2:40

I solved it.

Changing the if statement to...

if (latestRecord.account.name != _self)

did it. A check to see if the contract is not the receiver of the tokens is necessary.

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