Using this api http://faucet.cryptokylin.io/create_account?testingaccoun2 it's possibile to generate new wallet whicch can be used on the testnet of crypto kylin. I need same thing for the mainnet, is there any wrapper api to generate new wallet? or else it's possible for me to generate a keys offilline, but I don't know to import thtat to mainnet. please help me with any one of that.

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Creating accounts and creating wallets are not the same thing. A wallet is a local store of keys, an account lives on the blockchain.

Creating an account on EOSIO blockchain requires resources and is not free. It is a one time expense. You need to own an account on EOSIO to create a new account.

There are some services which help you create an account,



EOS wallet creation(key generation) and account generation are two different process. To create key pair

cleos wallet create --to-console

This will give you a private key and a public key. Using this key pair, you can create as much accounts as you want. As mentioned in the previous answer, you can use tools for creating your accounts.

For more details, please refer eos documentation

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