I'd like to change the length of time a wallet stays unlocked. I tried two things:

1) I directly modified the config.ini file so that unlock-timeout = 40000.

2) I tried keosd --unlock-timeout == 4000000 just like here.

In the first case, the file did change, but it did not change the behavior, i.e., I still get logged out of the wallet every 15 minutes of no inactivity.

In the second case, it does not work and it says warn 2019-02-07T17:49:30.317 thread-0 wallet_plugin.cpp:68 plugin_initialize ] 3120000 wallet_exception: Wallet exception Failed to lock access to wallet directory; is another keosd running?.

Any ideas?


I second case, you have to run the keosd as a new process. For that, you have to kill currently running keosd process first.

Run pkill keosd for stopping currently running keosd and then run

keosd --unlock-timeout == 4000000

If it is not working,

ps -ef | grep keosd

This will return the pid of keosd if already running. Then run

kill -9 <pid>

Then run keosd --unlock-timeout == 4000000

Good Luck !!!

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It is just a syntax error.Replace "==" with "=" without spaces on both ends


keosd --unlock-timeout=4000000

It works for me

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